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The Human Empathy Project began as a group of diverse individuals coming together to learn from one another around the crossroads of faith and LGBT diversity. Co-founder Gena Minnix holds a doctorate in Counselor Education, is a person of Christian faith, and is a professional counselor, professor, and researcher.

She tells the story of an afternoon several years ago, where she attended an event in a large auditorium and heard a volunteer share a story of telling their family they were gay. “While there was nothing new about the story, for some reason, that particular day, in that particular moment, that story impacted me in a profound way…  I felt tremendous empathy for the family, their pastor, their child – everyone there was in a terrible bind and  wanting to do the right thing, and the situation was so hurtful.”

The Human Empathy Project was born. It began with monthly dinner conversations. Gena began doctoral research on how Christians reconcile LGBT affirmation with their faith. Her research explored both the relational dynamics in reconciling LGBT affirmation with Christian beliefs, as well as an in depth exploration of  scripture translation, interpretation and cultural contexts.

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The Human Empathy Project exists to foster empathic connection around matters of faith, gender and sexual diversity
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If you are a pastor or faith community leader who would like to receive consultation from Gena Minnix, Ph.D. or a member of the Human Empathy Project, contact us below:


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